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    Jackson Fury Goalkeepers - This Spring, please join us for goalkeeper specific training to improve your skills! The sessions will be coached by Jackson Fury Coach Ryan Newell. The training is free and open to all ages, girls and boys, that are playing or would like to play in goal. The sessions will be at the Stuhldreher Soccer field for one hour on Fridays, 6:00 PM, on the following dates: April 19, April 26, May 10, and May 24. No registration.

    PARENTS - You may not recall the registration form that you electronically signed pledging to conduct yourselves in a respectable fashion in accordance with club and league guidelines, but you did! As another season gets underway, it is important that you provide the same caring and loving encouragement from the sidelines that we have asked our coaching staff to provide as they teach the sport. Please take a few minutes to review the Jackson Fury Sideline Rules of Conduct. We always like having fun with these but must implore all parents and Jackson spectators to not embarass their child or cause their child to be suspended due to unacceptable behavior.

    PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: The club's coaches and team managers will cancel or postpone activities in the event of severe weather. Lightning in the area requires everyone to take immediate shelter and not return to the field for at least 30 minutes after the storm has passed. When time permits, an email or text message will be sent out. Otherwise, someone will advise at the field. If the weather is inclement, coaches may shorten practice times -- please check when dropping your child off if you will not be staying! If a practice is underway and severe weather develops, parents must return to the practice field immediately! The coach will find temporary shelter for everyone. For games, only the Referee can cancel or delay a game - we must show up at the field on time in the event that the game is only temporarily delayed. Always arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the game time posted on the calendar for players to warm-up and check-in with the Referee.

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