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Jackson Fury Coaches and Managers,

Please carefully review the emailed instructions for your individual requirements to renew US Club Soccer registration, concussion management training (every three years), the required annual sudden cardiac arrest training, and completion of an infectious disease waiver. If you complete training out of sequence, it will not be accepted the following year when renewal is required and it will need to be repeated. Please carefully read all instructions and note that there are four separate sections to this web page concerning: US Club Soccer, Concussion Management, Lindsay's Law Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training, and an Infectious Disease Waiver. If you have any questions, please email Tom Strock.

Tom Strock

US Club Soccer

1) RETURNING Coaches and Managers
Returning coaches and managers must review their emailed instructions to determine any aspects of their registration that must be renewed. If it must be renewed, then please follow the instructions below for the appropriate sections.

2) NEW Coaches and Managers
A SportsEngine account will be created for you and your membership will be purchased to initiate this process. You will first receive an email that invites you to administer your SportsEngine account. {Check your spam if you don't see it within a few hours or contact Tom Strock.} You will need to setup an account when responding to this first email. You will also receive another email confirming your membership purchase and allowing you then to track your eligibility status and progress. The club will not be able to print your coach or manager pass or list you on the roster until all steps are completed. Please work through this as soon as possible carefully following all instructions:

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Use your full, legal name that matches your driver's license and social security records for all course registrations and the background check.

  • US Club Soccer Background Check
    There is a $18 fee for the background check and Jackson Fury will reimburse coaches and managers. After you sign in to your account, you will find a link to complete the background check. Enter the requested information. Background checks can take 5 to 7 business days so be patient. If there are any problems (name misspelled), then they will contact you directly.

  • ANNUAL SafeSport Online Training
    This course is free and consists of three modules. It MUST be renewed annually. Once all three modules are completed, you will be able to download a SafeSport Trained certificate from your SafeSport dashboard. Please use the links and instructions in your US Club Soccer SportsEngine profile to access or renew this required training.

  • Sideline Sports Doc Class
    There is a $5 fee to take the class and Jackson Fury will reimburse coaches and managers. Follow the instructions to complete course chapters which simply involve watching videos. There is no quiz but you must play the videos. Please use the links and instructions in your US Club Soccer SportsEngine profile to access or renew this required training.

  • Color Picture for Pass and Roster
    Please upload a headshot or selfie into your US Club Soccer SportsEngine account for your profile picture. Please crop the picture so it is limited to your face and neck. You can update this photo at any time.

  • Check Completion
    Your completed eligibility requirements will be indicated to you on your US Club Soccer SportsEngine account. When it appears that everything has been accepted and no issues have been raised by US Club Soccer, then please email Tom Strock so I know your passcard can be printed.

Concussion Management Training

1) RETURNING Coaches and Managers
The concussion course certificate is valid for three (3) years. The club will inform you when it is necessary to renew this certification and when this is necessary, follow the instructions for NEW Coaches and Managers. If you have completed the Concussion training for another youth sports organization within the past three years, then simply email a copy to Tom Strock.

2) NEW Coaches and Managers
The State of Ohio requires completion of an online concussion training class that involves several videos and short quizes. The course completion certificate must be emailed to Jackson Fury for coordination with the leagues and a copy of all certificates will be available in team manager packets should a Ref, league, or tournament official request confirmation of compliance to these Ohio requirements.

Background information on this requirement is available here: Coach Information Sheet The following information sheet will be distributed to all parents annually: Concussion Information Sheet during the registration process.

Additional information will be distributed to all team managers on the mandatory process that must be followed should a player receive a head injury or possibly concussion. Please note that you must take a very conservative approach to these matters and all head injuries, no matter how minor, must be considered a possible concussion. In these events, the player must be immediately removed from all activities and will not be allowed to return to play until examined and released by a physician or other licensed health care provider. Please further note that the player may not return, even if cleared by their physician, on the same day as the possible concussion.

All coaches and team managers must complete the following FREE training and submit a copy of the certificate but please read and follow these important notes before proceeding:

  • If you are new to NFHS Learn, then please register for an account. Otherwise, sign in to the NFHS Learn web site. If you have forgotten your password, provisions are provided on their web site to recover it.
  • After you have logged in, please click on the "COURSES" link and then type in the search box "Concussion in Sports". You should quickly identify the course and be able to click on it.
  • Click on the "Order Course". It is free. Check out and follow the instructions to complete the course.
  • The course is entirely online and requires about 30 minutes to complete. There is a short quiz at the end that is very easy if you understand the materials presented.
  • IMPORTANT: When you've completed and passed the course, you must view and then save the certificate of completion to your computer. Email the certificate (in PDF format) to Tom Strock. We must receive a digital copy of this certificate to complete your registration!!!! If necessary, you may log back in and retrieve prior certificates at any time.
  • Please click on the following link for the NFHS Learn Web Site.

Lindsay's Law Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training

ALL Coaches and Managers
The State of Ohio requires all coaches, managers, parents and players to complete sudden cardiac awareness training on an annual basis. Please read and follow these notes:

Infectious Disease Waiver

ALL Coaches and Managers
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, various organizations and facilities have started requiring Infectious Disease Waivers to be signed for participation.

  • Download, print, and complete the waiver. Upon completion, scan or photograph the completed form and email it to Jackson Fury.

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