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Letter of Invitation
2024 Club Officers and Trustees

Dear Jackson Fury Parents:

Jackson Fury Soccer Club is a non-profit, educational, corporation of the State of Ohio with 501(c)3 tax-exempt recognition by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Jackson Fury is operated by a Board of Trustees consisting of a President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Trustees. The number of Trustees is established annually to provide representation across all age groups, teams, and levels of play. During 2023, there were eight Trustees plus the three officers. The Board of Trustees are elected for a one year term commencing at the annual membership meeting which will be held in January 2024. The club officers and Trustees do not receive any compensation.

The Board of Trustees meets about seven to nine times per year to conduct and review the club's business. Historically, the President, Treasurer, Dir of Coaching, League Representatives, and Team Managers operate the club on a day-to-day basis. All Trustees must be active in a club leadership role to support competitive and premier league activities, registration, publicity, equipment, uniforms, and other necessary tasks.

The Board of Trustees will be nominating a slate of officers and Trustees in December 2023 for the January 2024 elections as well as establishing the number of Trustee positions. While the club's bylaws permit the nomination of Trustees from the floor of the membership meeting, historically the slate of officers and Trustees nominated by the current Board has been elected for the following year.

If you are willing to serve on the Jackson Fury Soccer Club Board of Trustees as an officer or Trustee, please send me an email. You may include any business, legal, accounting, or soccer experience that may be applicable or simply express a willingness to dedicate time. No expertise is required and the only requirement is that you be willing to champion the development of competitive youth soccer by Jackson Fury in our community. Everyone responding will be considered by the current Board of Trustees. I would appreciate a note by Sunday, November 26, 2023, from everyone who wishes to be considered so that I have time to fill any remaining openings.

Tom Strock, President
Jackson Fury Soccer Club

PS: Frequently, I'm asked what are the responsibilities of being a trustee of Jackson Fury Soccer Club. The Ohio Attorney General has published a brochure on the duties and responsibilities of trustees and board members of charitable organizations. If you are interested in serving Jackson Fury, you may wish to read this brochure to better understand the responsibilities: Guide for Charity Board Members.

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